Chiropractors Sleep Apnea Program

Chiropractors can play a critical role in identifying the signs of sleep apnea in their patients, and, in some cases, make a difference in the treatment plan as well. Right now, as a chiropractor, you may see potential signs or symptoms in your patients and refer them to a sleep study for a sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment plan. But, for many patients, sleep studies are expensive, and the waiting time to get into a sleep center can be long.

By partnering with ApneaMed, we offer you and your patients an alternative. Knowing that chiropractic care and adjustments can play a vital role in many cases of obstructive sleep apnea, an ApneaMed partnership allows chiropractors to expand their current available services and offer more comprehensive healthcare and sleep apnea solutions.

How Can Chiropractors Partner with ApneaMed?

Here at ApneaMed, we open the doors to our partnered chiropractors, allowing them to offer their patients easy access to at-home sleep apnea testing. Instead of referring patients out to other providers, chiropractors can now play a critical role in the sleep apnea diagnosis process, offering fast, accurate and affordable sleep apnea testing directly through their office.

We offer three different partnership opportunities allowing you to choose which method partnership option best fits your practice.

Option 1: ApneaMed’s Referral Partnership

With our referral option, chiropractors refer patients directly to ApneaMed. When your patient comes into the office showing signs of sleep apnea, you simply fill out the ApneaMed referral form and send it to us. We contact the patient directly and work out all the details for their at-home sleep apnea study. They simply return the test unit directly to us where our board-certified sleep physicians analyze and return the results.

Option 2: ApneaMed In-office Partnership

With our ApneaMed in-office partnership, we provide our chiropractic partners with your own in-office home sleep test unit. When a patient comes into your office showing potential signs of sleep apnea, you can offer them the sleep test unit directly. Once completed, the patient returns the unit to your office and then forward it to our sleep physicians to analyze. With this partnership, you determine the billing rate and you can bill their insurance directly.

Option 3: ApneaMed Mail-out Partnership

If you would rather not keep the unit in-house, you can opt for our Mail-out partnership. As your chiropractic patients present with sleep apnea symptoms, you can order our home sleep test to be sent directly from ApneaMed to the patient. We mail out the unit along with sleep study instructions and, once the patient returns the unit to us, our sleep physicians analyze the results. Similar to our In-office partnership, your chiropractic office determines the billing rate for the test and can directly bill the patient’s insurance company.

Your Practice and Patients Will Benefit from Sleep Apnea Testing

Almost 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, with many unaware of what it is doing to their health. As a chiropractor, you know that often those suffering with sleep apnea see benefits from chiropractic adjustments of the neck, as well as the reduction of tension. By partnering with ApneaMed, you can help your patients find answers to their sleep problems, expand your professional testing services, and include sleep apnea treatment options when beneficial.

Some of the great ways chiropractor’s practices can benefit from an ApneaMed partnership include:

In-office accessibility - ApneaMed provides a white-label home sleep test unit for your chiropractor’s office. With the test in-house, your patients have instant access to at-home sleep testing.

Quick test results - Unlike traditional sleep studies that can take months to get into and even longer for results, an ApneaMed at-home sleep test takes course over one night’s sleep, and once the unit is returned, our sleep physicians provide quick and accurate results.

Patient Brochures – Many people do not know about or understand sleep apnea, meaning many of your chiropractic patients may have the condition and are unaware. To help patients understand what sleep apnea is and what the ApneaMed test is like, ApneaMed provides all partnered clinics with free informational brochures to help educate patients.

Opportunities for Growth - Through a partnership with ApneaMed, chiropractors can grow their practices’ offerings, helping them reach more patients. For example, the patient that comes in with their spouse for general chiropractic care. While waiting, their spouse may pick up our ApneaMed brochure and realize that sleep apnea may be a problem for them or their spouse, prompting questions. As a sleep testing provider, you can help answer questions and offer the testing they need.

An ApneaMed Partnership Lets You Deliver Sleep Apnea Solutions to Your Patients

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 28 percent of Americans are physically inactive, leading a much more sedentary lifestyle and often resulting in excessive weight. Because of this, it is very likely that your practice may see more and more patients exhibiting symptoms of sleep apnea. By partnering with ApneaMed, your chiropractic patients can turn to you for help, including fast and affordable sleep apnea solutions.

To learn more about the ApneaMed partnership program for Chiropractors and how to include it in your own practice, contact us today.