Medical Doctors Sleep Apnea Program

Medical doctors have an essential role to fulfill when it comes to identifying the signs of sleep apnea in their patients. In the past, when a medical doctor would recognize the potential symptoms of sleep apnea, they would refer their patients to have a sleep study for a formal diagnosis and to see what treatment parameters are needed. But sleep studies can be expensive, and come with a long wait list.

By partnering with ApneaMed, medical doctors can provide their patients with more accessible sleep apnea solutions. With a partnership with ApneaMed, medical doctors can expand the services they offer and become a more comprehensive healthcare provider.  

Different Ways Medical Doctors Can Partner With ApneaMed

ApneaMed provides three different partnership methods for medical doctors to choose from, based on the need of their practices.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

When a patient comes into a medical doctor’s practice and has the signs of sleep apnea, the medical doctor can have the patient fill out the ApneaMed referral form. The referral form is then sent to ApneaMed, and we will reach out to the patient to arrange their sleep apnea home sleep test.

Option 2: In-office Partnership

With the ApneaMed in-office partnership, we provide our medical doctor partners with an in-office home sleep test unit. Medical doctors can provide the testing unit to their patients to test them for sleep apnea and have the patients return the unit after the test is completed. The medical doctor will determine their own rates for the testing, and the patient’s insurance provider can be billed directly from the doctor’s office.

Option 3: Mail-out Partnership

Rather than keep a sleep apnea test unit in-office, medical doctors can order a home sleep test from ApneaMed for their patients. ApneaMed will directly send the home sleep test unit to the patient, who will follow the instructions and take the home sleep test. After which, the patient returns the home sleep test unit to ApneaMed, so our board-certified sleep physicians can examine the data collected by the test. Once the results are in, ApneaMed will contact the patient. The medical doctor will determine their own rates for the testing, and the patient’s insurance provider can be billed directly from the doctor’s office.

ApneaMed Partners With Many Types Of Medical Doctors

Medical doctors in many different fields and specialties come across patients who are suffering from untreated obstructive sleep apnea. ApneaMed provides medical doctors with the resources to help their patients find the right sleep apnea solutions. Along with working with primary care physicians, ApneaMed also works with:

Your Practice and Patients Will Benefit From Sleep Apnea Test

With almost 22 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea, it is critical that medical doctors have the solutions needed to help their patients. By partnering with ApneaMed, medical doctors can both help their patients and expand their own professional offerings. Some of the specific benefits of partnering with ApneaMed include:

In-office accessibility - ApneaMed can provide a white-label home sleep test unit for medical doctors to keep in-office. With the test on hand, it is easy for healthcare professionals to provide it to patients who need sleep apnea testing.

Quick test results - Unlike a lengthy sleep study, an ApneaMed test takes course over one night’s sleep, and the results are quickly provided to the patient.

Brochures for patients - To help patients understand what sleep apnea is and what the ApneaMed test is like, ApneaMed will provide partnered clinics with free informational brochures.

Growth opportunities - Through a partnership with ApneaMed, medical doctors can grow their practices’ offerings, helping them reach more patients.

Bring Sleep Apnea Solutions To Your Practice By Partnering With ApneaMed

As the average American lifestyle continues to trend toward being sedentary and overweight, it is likely that more and more of your patients will come in exhibiting symptoms of sleep apnea. By partnering with ApneaMed, you can offer your patients fast and affordable sleep apnea solutions that will help them put their health back on track.

To learn more about the ApneaMed partnership program and how to bring it to your own practice, feel free to contact us.