Dentist Sleep Apnea Program

As a dental professional, you can easily recognize when a patient is dealing with obstructive sleep apnea. However, few practices are equipped to offer treatment for this condition. ApneaMed provides a simple and cost-effective way for patients to test for obstructive sleep apnea and then receive treatment without having to endure traditional sleep studies, timely waiting lists, and expensive treatments.

By partnering with ApneaMed, dentists can provide testing and treatment for sleep apnea and in turn, offer more comprehensive oral health care to your patients.

Different Ways Dentists Can Partner With ApneaMed

We understand that each dentist runs a unique practice. ApneaMed provides multiple ways you can partner with us. We are happy to work with your dental clinic in creating a relationship that is easy to manage while adding revenue to your practice.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

If you think your patient may have obstructive sleep apnea, you can refer them to ApneaMed. The patient fills out a form in your office and your staff then faxes the form to ApneaMed. This is the extent of your involvement in the process. Once ApneaMed receives the patient's information, we will then contact the patient to schedule a sleep test.

Option 2: In-office Partnership

ApneaMed provides your practice with your own home sleep test unit. As an add-on service, you can test your patients for sleep apnea. They take the home sleep test unit home for testing and return it to your office after they have used it. Dental practices can determine their own fees for the service. The patient’s insurance can also be billed for the service through your office.

Option 3: Mail-out Partnership

If you suspect your patient has obstructive sleep apnea, you can order a home sleep test unit for them. Your office speaks with ApneaMed on behalf of the patient to order the test. ApneaMed then sends the home sleep test unit to the patient’s home. After the testing is complete, the patient returns the test in the mail to ApneaMed. From this point, ApneaMed will work with the patient to treat their sleep apnea. Dental practices can determine their own fees for the service. The patient’s insurance can also be billed for the service through your office.

Your Practice and Your Patients Will Benefit From This Add-On Service

Providing your patients with a way to diagnose and treat sleep apnea benefits your practice as well as the patient. This sleep disorder is common, as an estimated 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. This number tells us that a large portion of your clientele is likely suffering from sleep apnea and the associated risks.

Your practice can provide more services to the patient.

Dental practices are able to acquire and retain more patients when they offer a variety of services. This is why so many practices have added services like IV sedation, endo treatments, oral surgery, cosmetic procedures and more.

When these types of services aren’t offered, dental professionals are alienating themselves from a large percentage of the population who are seeking these types of services from an oral healthcare provider.

Offering your patients a way to diagnose and treat their sleep apnea is an incredible opportunity for growing your practice. Traditional methods for diagnosing this sleep disorder include a long wait list, a lengthy sleep study, and much higher costs for these services. Only once the patient has received the diagnoses can they purchase a device for treating sleep apnea. By going through ApneaMed, your patient saves a dramatic amount of time and money by using our home test unit to diagnose their sleep disorder. ApneaMed also provides more affordable AutoPAP devices for treating sleep apnea.

Add to your revenue with this billable service.

ApneaMed provides the tools you need to treat your patients.

Free patient brochures - Educate your patients so they understand the risks associated with sleep apnea and their treatment options.

Sleep apnea screening tools - Use our provided screening tools to check patients you think may be dealing with sleep apnea before recommending the home test.

Home Sleep Test units - Send patients home with your practice’s own home sleep test unit from ApneaMed to test for sleep apnea.

Sleep test results - By using your home sleep test unit, patients can receive a legal diagnosis for their sleep apnea from an ApneaMed medical practitioner. This allows them to purchase an AutoPAP device to treat their sleep apnea.

Devices - Should your patient receive a mild to moderate sleep apnea diagnosis after completing the home sleep test, ApneaMed will provide you with a physician’s recommendation for an oral appliance. If the patient is severe, AutoPAP will be recommended per industry guidelines.

ApneaMed Offers Sleep Apnea Treatment Assistance To Dental Professionals

ApneaMed strives to provide an affordable solution to people suffering from sleep apnea. Our home test for diagnosing sleep apnea takes significantly less time than traditional sleep studies.

Offering this service to your patients is an easy way to expand your list of services and reach potential customers.

To learn more about our partnership program for dentists,  please contact us.