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In today’s modern world, many individuals rely on digital health screening services to get the medical assistance they need without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Due to this, digital health screening services are on the rise as more people start to reach out to doctors via mobile apps, investing in health-tracking apps and other online health services.

As the competition for supremacy in the digital space rises, digital health screening services must provide as much value as possible to attract and retain users. So, if you are a digital health screening and services provider looking for the next big service to provide through your app, fast and convenient sleep apnea testing is what you need to target next.

By partnering with ApneaMed, your digital health screening company can provide home sleep apnea testing. This type of testing can be highly valuable as sleep apnea risk factors—such as obesity—continue to rise. More and more people could benefit from a service that allows them to skip lengthy sleep study waitlists and pricey participation. Follow along to learn how a partnership with ApneaMed can help your digital health screening company.

Different Ways Digital Health Screening Services Can Partner With ApneaMed

One of the most significant benefits of a partnership with ApneaMed is that we offer three different options that your digital health screening services company can choose from. We understand that every digital health screening services company operates slightly differently, so you need to be able to select the partnership method that works best for your business. Here are three partnership options offered through ApneaMed.

Option 1: Referral Partnerships

When performing a digital screening of your patients, you may uncover symptoms indicating that they suffer from untreated sleep apnea. With a referral partnership with ApneaMed, your service can help people identify possible sleep apnea symptoms and then provide them with a referral form that directs them to receive help from our team. 

Once we receive the user’s referral form, the patient care specialists at ApneaMed will work with your patient to order a home sleep test so that they can be tested for sleep apnea. Following the return of the test, we will analyze the results and provide them with a recommended treatment plan, if needed.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

Our in-office partnership may be ideal for you if you’re looking to speed up the process and remove the middleman. Although you treat your patients digitally, your digital health screening services can keep a white-labeled home sleep test unit in the office. When your patients require sleep apnea testing, your company can set your rates for testing and send out the unit to the end-users.

Following the test, our team will step in to provide their results and treatment options. Instead of looping in ApneaMed to send out the device, you’ll already have one on hand to send their way. Because you will be the one providing your patients with the sleep apnea home sleep test, you can determine what to bill them, and your office can bill the patient’s insurance company.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

Depending on your existing internal process, your digital health screening services company may prefer our mail-out partnership option. With the mail-out partnership, your company will receive an order for a home sleep test from a patient, and then your team is responsible for ordering the home sleep test from ApneaMed.

Once we receive the order from your team, ApneaMed will mail the home sleep test to the users, with instructions on how to use it, and send it back to us for data processing. When we receive the test back, we will analyze the data and inform the patient of any findings and treatment. Like the in-office partnership, your digital health screening services company can determine what to bill the user, and your company can bill the patient’s insurance company.

Ways Digital Health Screening Services Benefit From Partnering With ApneaMed

There are clear benefits for digital health screening services companies partnering with ApneaMed to provide sleep apnea testing. Some of the main benefits are:

Faster Answers

Your users are looking for quick answers, so they rely on your mobile app for a digital health screening. With personal healthcare information being more accessible, individuals are looking for more ways to receive quick answers to their health questions. 

Traditional sleep studies often have long waitlists and can be difficult to schedule — plus, they’re done in person. Instead of having your patients potentially wait months for answers, By offering our fast sleep apnea home test, you can quickly put more solutions in your users’ hands without leaving the comfort of their homes. 


When we partner with digital health screening services companies, we ensure you have everything to successfully market our sleep apnea tests. We never leave you empty-handed, providing you with all the necessary materials and resources to discuss sleep apnea with your patients. We provide you with:

  • Free patient brochures - Educate your users about the risks associated with sleep apnea and treatment options.
  • Sleep apnea screening tools - Use our provided screening tools to check users you think may be dealing with sleep apnea before recommending the home test.
  • Home Sleep Test units - Send users home with your white-labeled home sleep test unit from ApneaMed.
  • Sleep test results - Using the home sleep test unit, patients can receive a legal diagnosis for their sleep apnea from an ApneaMed medical practitioner. This allows them to purchase an AutoPAP device to treat their sleep apnea.
  • Devices - Should your patient receive a mild to moderate sleep apnea diagnosis after completing the home sleep test, ApneaMed will provide you with a physician’s recommendation for treatment.


An ApneaMed partnership will offer more value to your app. Your users turn to your app for convenient digital health screenings. The last thing they want is to rely on another mobile app or in-person medical facility to get the testing and treatment they need. Mobile apps and services that can offer more to their users outperform the competition. With an ApneaMed partnership, you can provide that additional value.

Recognized Testing

ApneaMed home sleep testing is recognized as a valid sleep apnea testing by countless industry organizations. Also, our test is DOT compliant. With accurate testing available, your users can feel confident using your services.

ApneaMed Helps Ways Digital Health Screening Services Expand User Offerings

Thanks to mobile apps, the growing accessibility and convenience of digital health screening services have significantly raised the average person’s awareness of their health needs. Now that people can track vital statistics from their heart rate to their sleep patterns, people are becoming more concerned with what information they can receive from digital health screening companies like yours.

By offering sleep apnea at-home sleep tests to your users, you can quickly expand what your business offers to your app users. Your health screening service is far more likely to attract and retain its users with the added value.

Contact us directly if you would like to discuss your company’s partnership options with ApneaMed.