Mobile Apps/Digital Health Screening Services Sleep Apnea Program

Digital health screening services are on the rise as more people start to reach out to doctors via mobile apps, investing in health-tracking apps, and other online health services.

As the competition for supremacy in the digital space rises, it is essential that digital health screening services provide as much value as possible to attract and retain users. So, if you are a digital health screening and services provider looking for the next big service to provide through your app, fast and convenient sleep apnea testing is what you need to target next.

By partnering with ApneaMed, your digital health screening company can provide home sleep apnea testing. Having this type of testing can be highly valuable, as sleep apnea risk factors—such as obesity—continue to rise, and more and more people could benefit from a service that allows them to skip lengthy sleep study waitlists and pricy participation.

Different Ways Digital Health Screening Services Can Partner With ApneaMed

There are three different basic ApneaMed partnership options that your digital health screening services company can choose from.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

With a referral partnership with ApneaMed, your service can help people identify possible sleep apnea symptoms and then provide them with a referral form. Once we receive the user’s referral form, our patient care specialists will work with them to order a home sleep test so that they can be tested for sleep apnea.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

When you choose our in-office partnership, your digital health screening services can have a white label home sleep test unit to keep in-office. That way, when your users want to have sleep apnea testing, your company can set your own rates for testing and send out the unit to the end-users.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

If your digital health screening services company chooses a mail-out partnership, your company will receive an order for a home sleep test. Your service can then order the home sleep test from ApneaMed, and we will mail it to the users, with instructions on how to use it and how to mail it back to us for data processing.

Ways Digital Health Screening Services Benefit From Partnering With ApneaMed

There are clear benefits for digital health screening services companies who choose to partner with ApneaMed to provide sleep apnea testing. Some of the main benefits are:

Quick answers at their fingertips - With personal healthcare information being more accessible, individuals are looking for more ways to receive quick answers to their health questions. By offering our fast sleep apnea home test, you can put more answers in your users’ hands quickly.

Sleep apnea information resources - For users who would like more information on sleep apnea, we provide information on our site to help your users learn more.

Offers more value to your app - Mobile apps and services that can offer more to their users than the competition often perform better. With an ApneaMed partnership, you can provide that additional value.

Recognized testing - ApneaMed home sleep testing is recognized as a valid form of sleep apnea testing by countless industry organizations. Also, our test is DOT compliant. With accurate testing available, your users can feel confident using your services.

ApneaMed Helps Ways Digital Health Screening Services Expand User Offerings

The growing accessibility and convenience of digital health screening services thanks to mobile apps have significantly raised the average person’s awareness of their health needs. Now that people can track vital statistics from their heart rate to their sleep patterns, people are becoming more concerned with what information they can receive from digital health screening companies like yours.

By offering sleep apnea at-home sleep tests to your users, you can easily expand what your business offers to your app users. With the added value, your health screening service is far more likely to attract and retain its users.   

If you would like to discuss your company’s partnership options with ApneaMed, feel free to contact us directly.