Employment Health Screening Services Sleep Apnea Program

Generally, most businesses outsource their employee health screening needs to companies which provide these services. Many companies offer similar screening services, from blood pressure testing to cholesterol level results. But another key service not as commonly found is sleep apnea testing. Yet, as sleep apnea factors such as obesity continue to rise, being able to offer sleep apnea testing will become more important.

As employment health screening services companies strive to provide a greater array of services of clients, choosing to partner with ApneaMed can help your company provide the sleep apnea testing service that can set them apart from the rest of the competition.  

Ways Employment Health Screening Services Can Partner With ApneaMed

In general, there are three different ways employment health screening services can partner with ApneaMed to provide sleep apnea testing. By working with one of our partnership advisors, you can determine which best suits your company’s needs.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

Our simplest partnership option is the ApneaMed referral partnership. Should you come across someone with risk factors for sleep apnea during employee screenings, you have them fill out an ApneaMed referral form.

After the submission of the referral form, one of our patient care specialists will be in contact with the employee and help them order an at-home sleep test so that they can be screened for sleep apnea.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

With the ApneaMed in-office partnership, your company can have a white label home sleep test unit on hand during employee health screenings. You can determine which employees may benefit from sleep apnea testing and send the unit home with them to do an overnight sleep apnea at home test.

With the in-office partnership, your employment health screening company can decide if the sleep apnea testing is an extra service the employee pays for or is charged to the company.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

Employment health screening companies can also take part in our mail-out partnership. For employees who need to be screened for sleep apnea, you can order a home sleep test for the person in question.

ApneaMed will mail the home sleep test unit to them with instructions on how to use it. Then, after the test is complete, the employee will mail the unit back to ApneaMed, where our sleep physicians will analyze the data and contact them with results.

How Employment Health Screening Services Can Benefit From Partnering With ApneaMed

There are many benefits ApneaMed can provide to employment health screening services companies.

Provides greater value - With any of our partnerships available, your employment health screening business can benefit from including a sleep apnea testing service to the companies looking to hire comprehensive health screening.

DOT compliant - As transportation management companies often require health screenings, ApneaMed has made sure that our home sleep test is DOT compliant and meets or exceeds the industry standards for diagnosing sleep apnea. That way, your business can offer our sleep apnea testing with confidence to the companies that need reliable, DOT compliant sleep apnea testing.

Fast answers available - Rather than recommend people sign up for a wait-listed sleep study, you can provide fast answers concerning sleep apnea with our sleep apnea home test.

Sleep apnea brochures - To assist in explaining sleep apnea, ApneaMed provides our partners with patient brochures. These informational brochures can help patients understand why the testing is necessary and how sleep apnea may be affecting them.

ApneaMed Works With Employment Health Screening Services To Protect Employees And Company

ApneaMed has partnerships available for health safety officers who perform in-house employee health screening as well as independent employment health screening companies.

To learn more about our partnership program and to set up your company’s partnership with ApneaMed, contact us today.