Do Home Sleep Tests Work?

Do Home Sleep Tests Work?

If your doctor suspects you may show signs of obstructive sleep apnea, they’re going to recommend you undergo testing to confirm the diagnosis. In the past, sleep apnea testing was only performed in a laboratory through a sleep study, known as polysomnography.

While polysomnography is the most accurate and effective way to test for obstructive sleep apnea, it isn’t the most convenient. The individual must stay overnight at a lab and sleep while hooked up to several wires and machines. Not only can this type of study be uncomfortable for the patient, but it can take weeks for them to get an appointment scheduled — delaying the treatment they need for a restful night’s sleep.

Luckily, home sleep apnea testing is available and provides patients with a convenient and comfortable way to determine if they have sleep apnea. But do home sleep tests work and polysomnography? Follow along as ApneaMed sheds some light on in-home sleep tests are a valid option.

How an At-Home Sleep Apnea Test Works

An at-home sleep apnea test works to provide you with the same results without having to step foot into a laboratory. With the home sleep study, you are not monitored by an in-person technician and never need to leave the comfort of your home. Your physician will prescribe a home sleep apnea testing kit for you that can be used at home.

When the home sleep study is in your possession, you will follow your normal bedtime routine. The kit will provide you with specific instructions for how to operate the equipment and where to hook up the monitoring sensors so you’re accurately being tracked during the night. While it may be intimidating to perform the at-home sleep test yourself, it is relatively easy for you to set up. You can expect your test to include:

  • A finger clip to track your oxygen levels and heart rate
  • A nasal cannula to measure oxygen and airflow
  • Sensors to track the rise and fall of your chest

Once you have concluded the test, you will ship it back for your results to be analyzed by ApneaMed’s board-certified sleep physicians. Depending on their results, they can recommend a treatment plan to relieve your sleep apnea symptoms.

Advantages of At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Home sleep tests have grown in popularity in recent years — and it’s no surprise why. Here are a few of the advantages of at-home sleep apnea testing:

  • Comfort – A lab sleep study requires you to be hooked up to countless machines with lots of wires. This can make it extremely difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep in a foreign place. With the home sleep study, you’ll still be hooked up to a machine, but you’ll have much fewer wires and be in your own bed.

  • Cost – Because an at-home test is done in your own home without the help of a trained technician, they’re much more affordable than a sleep study performed in a lab. This makes testing for sleep apnea much more affordable and accessible for the everyday individual.

  • Convenience – Why disrupt your bedtime routine when you don’t have to? Instead of scheduling a sleep test weeks in advance, you can have the sleep test delivered directly to your door so you can complete it as soon as you can..

  • Accessible – Depending on where you live, you may not have a sleep lab near your home — making the trip out for a sleep apnea test inconvenient. Because the home sleep study is delivered to your door, they’re much more accessible.

Take a Home Sleep Test with ApneaMed

ApneaMed provides you with everything you need to administer a home sleep study and get a diagnosis without leaving the comfort of your home. A home sleep study is more affordable and efficient than a traditional sleep study.

ApneaMed delivers the sleep apnea test with instructions, so you feel comfortable and confident administering it independently. The device will record your blood oxygen levels, heart and breathing rates, and how often your body moves throughout the night so a board-certified sleep physician can analyze the results.

Following your at-home sleep apnea test, ApneaMed provides you with a recommended treatment, such as CPAP therapy, to resolve your sleep apnea symptoms — helping you get a good night’s sleep to feel well-rested and energized all day. 

ApneaMed offers various home sleep tests and in-home breathing equipment to help you treat your obstructive sleep apnea.

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