ENT Specialists Sleep Apnea Program

It is not uncommon for ENT specialists to see patients who show signs of obstructive sleep apnea, as the disorder primarily occurs in the areas of the body that ENTs specialize in. However, not all ENT practices have access to quick and easy sleep apnea testing, which would allow their patients to be diagnosed with sleep apnea and a treatment plan developed.

With a partnership with ApneaMed, ENT doctors can supply their patients with easy access to accurate sleep apnea testing, rather than referring them to a sleep study facility.   

Different Ways ENT Specialists Can Partner With ApneaMed

ApneaMed can provide partnered ENT specialists with access to our sleep apnea home sleep study, which allows for patients to be tested for sleep apnea in their own homes. We offer three different partnership options for ENTs.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

When you have a patient exhibiting the signs and symptoms of untreated sleep apnea, you can have them fill out the ApneaMed referral form. Once this form is filled out and sent to us, one of the ApneaMed patient care specialists will reach out and contact the patient.

From this contact, we will set up the patient with a home sleep test to assess them for sleep apnea, with instructions on what to do and how to send the unit back to ApneaMed.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

By choosing an in-office partnership, ENT clinics are provided with a home sleep test unit to keep in their office. This white-label service will make it easy for ENTs to provide their patients with sleep apnea testing when it is needed, loaning out the home sleep test unit.

If you choose this partnership option, since the unit will be in your office, you will be able to bill your patient’s insurance and set your own billing fees for providing this service.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

With the ApneaMed mail-out partnership, ENTs don’t need to keep a home sleep test unit at their clinics. Instead, when a patient needs sleep apnea testing, the ENT can order a home sleep test directly from ApneaMed.

We will send the testing unit to the patient’s home with instructions on how to perform the test and how to return it to ApneaMed so that our sleep physicians can analyze the information gathered by the home sleep test unit.

This type of partnership also allows your ENT clinic to set the fees for the home sleep test. Your office will also be able to decide if the patient or their insurance will be billed.

How Your ENT Practice And Patients Can Benefit From Sleep Apnea Testing

An ENT practice can greatly benefit by having a partnership with ApneaMed, as we provide a variety of auxiliary perks to our partnered companies.  

Fast and accurate testing - Our sleep apnea home sleep tests have a quick turnaround, so you can provide answers for your patients. Also, the ApneaMed home sleep test meets or exceeds industry standards to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and is DOT-compatible.

Sleep apnea informational brochures - To help your patients better understand the dangers of sleep apnea and why testing and treatment is necessary, ApneaMed can provide your ENT clinic with informational brochures concerning sleep apnea.

Greater clinic development - By being able to provide patients with sleep apnea testing from your ENT clinic, you can further develop your patient base.

Easy accessibility - Sending patients to sleep study labs can leave your patients without answers for weeks, potentially months, at a time. With our home sleep test at your disposal, your clinic can provide patients with quick answers, with a test they can easily perform at home.

Add Sleep Apnea Testing To Your Practice By Partnering With ApneaMed

As ENT specialists often work with people who are struggling with obstructive sleep apnea, it makes sense to provide access to sleep apnea testing at their practice, rather than having to refer patients out-of-house. With a partnership with ApneaMed, you can make accessing sleep apnea testing a reality at your practice.

Depending on your ENT practice, different partnership options will be more suited to you and your patients’ needs. To learn more about ApneaMed partnerships and to create your own partnership with us, be sure to contact us today. We look forward to helping you bring more services to your ENT clinic.