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Being on the road day after day can be extremely tiring for truckers — especially if they suffer from a sleep disorder such as undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes constant sleep disturbances while sleeping, affecting a trucker’s mood, performance, and alertness, putting them at an increased risk for a collision or accident while on the job. 

Because of this, truck drivers suspected of obstructive sleep apnea must undergo a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam to ensure the driver can safely and effectively operate a commercial vehicle.

The truck driver must complete this Department of Transportation physical exam every two years to ensure they are healthy and can safely operate a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 lbs. Although the DOT physical doesn’t always include sleep apnea testing, if the medical examiner has reason to believe the driver may have a sleeping disorder, they will be required to get one before gaining the approval to continue driving.

To help you combat obstructive sleep apnea as an independent truck driver or as a driver for a transportation company, ApneaMed has developed low-cost solutions for truck drivers. Follow along to learn more about our at-home sleep apnea testing and breathing equipment that will allow you to be more awake and alert as you hit the open road.

Why Sleep Apnea Testing Is Important for Truck Drivers

Did you know that among an estimated 14 million US commercial drivers, 17–28% are expected to have obstructive sleep apnea? The transportation industry is a male-driven profession, and the typical trucker lifestyle often means your employees have a greater risk of being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea most commonly impacts overweight men over the age of 40 — and truck drivers often fit these criteria.

Suppose a truck driver has untreated sleep apnea. In that case, they will suffer during the day due to receiving low-quality sleep caused by breathing disruptions throughout the night — resulting in extreme fatigue and a lack of concentration. Their increased drowsiness drastically increases the chance of a truck driver getting into a fatal collision by as much as 250% compared to a well-rested driver.

ApneaMed’s Sleep Apnea Program for Trucking Companies

We understand the importance of accurate and efficient sleep apnea testing for truck drivers and transportation companies. Without it, your truck drivers may be at risk of catastrophic accidents. ApneaMed provides a home sleep test for diagnosing sleep apnea that can be taken from the comfort of their home or while on the road. The test is easy to use, provides quick results, and is significantly more cost-effective than traditional sleep studies.

If the transportation company requires that the commercial truck driver undergo a sleep apnea test, they can do this at home with a home sleep study from ApneaMed. With this at-home method, the driver will receive the home sleep test and instructions for administering an overnight unattended test. One of ApneaMed’s board-certified sleep physicians will review their results, who will provide a recommended treatment plan if it is determined that the truck driver has obstructive sleep apnea.

Along with our practical home sleep test, ApneaMed also provides the necessary breathing equipment in the form of an AutoPAP device, which is highly effective in treating sleep apnea. An AutoPAP device allows the user to ease into sleep and remain asleep more easily than other sleep apnea devices. The device delivers low pressured air during the initial stages of sleep and gradually adjusts the air pressure as you reach deeper levels of sleep.

ApneaMed Works With Independent Truck Drivers

If you are a truck driver interested in being tested for sleep apnea, ApneaMed provides a home sleep test designed for diagnosing sleep apnea. Why spend all your hard-earned money on an expensive traditional sleep study when an affordable at-home option is available to you?

ApneaMed’s at-home sleep apnea test is approved by the Department of Transportation. Truck drivers who need testing and treatment for sleep apnea can order our test, which comes directly to your home (or where you are on the road). Unlike traditional sleep studies that are expensive and require the patient to stay overnight in a sleep lab, an at-home sleep study is far more affordable and takes significantly less time.

The unit provides comprehensive screening for sleep apnea while sleeping and tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood oxygen levels. It also records how often your body moves during the night. Once the self-administered home sleep test is complete, you will mail back your results or upload your data online, depending on which type of unit was used. Your results are then analyzed by one of ApneaMed’s board-certified sleep physicians, who determine if you have sleep apnea. 

If a truck driver’s sleep apnea is severe enough, they could be disqualified for the role. However, in many cases, the truck driver will receive a recommended treatment that will enable them to sleep more soundly throughout the night. ApneaMed also works with truck drivers diagnosed with sleep apnea to find the correct device to treat their symptoms. We also provide a $100 discount for purchasing your AutoPAP device when using an ApneaMed home sleep test.

When you renew your CDL, you will need to show compliance with sleep apnea treatment. Our device uses Bluetooth to send reports to your mobile device. These show the use of your AutoPAP device and verify your compliance. This allows truck drivers to prove they have been treating their obstructive sleep apnea, so it does not interfere with their driving.

As an independent truck driver, there’s no easier way for you to test for sleep apnea than with our DOT-approved sleep apnea test. If you have questions or aren’t sure if this is the right option for you, the team at ApneaMed would be happy to talk you through your options and help you get the sleep apnea treatment you need.

Truck Drivers Save Money and Time By Screening For Sleep Apnea With ApneaMed

While some trucking companies provide sleep testing and treatment as a benefit for their drivers, some truck drivers are left to find appropriate sleep apnea testing. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a traditional sleep study, opt for an affordable and convenient option that can be done from the comfort of your own home. ApneaMed makes it easy for truck drivers to test for sleep apnea at their earliest convenience.

In most cases, ApneaMed can reduce screening and treatment costs even further for individual truck drivers, allowing you to be tested quickly and affordably. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, you can get the necessary breathing equipment from ApneaMed that will help reduce your breathing disruptions. ApneaMed offers AutoPAP machines that will keep your airways open while sleeping by providing self-adjusted air pressure throughout the night — allowing you to get a deeper, more sound sleep that will enable you to hit the road safely.

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