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ApneaMed helps to diagnose and treat sleep apnea so truck drivers can remain awake and alert on the road. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all commercial truck drivers suffer from mild to severe sleep apnea. Regular medical exams are required to qualify drivers with their CDL (commercial driver's license). These exams check for multiple health factors, including symptoms of sleep apnea.

When sleep apnea is untreated, not only can it cause considerable health problems but it is also a major contributor to daytime fatigue. And if there is something a transportation company doesn’t need, it’s sleepy drivers.

ApneaMed partners with trucking and transportation management companies to bring faster and more affordable sleep apnea solutions to their employees. Our home sleep test meets all requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation and all industry standards for diagnosing sleep apnea. To meet the necessary medical requirements and sleep apnea treatment compliance laws for renewing your CDL, ApneaMed provides equipment specifically for truck drivers, pilots, and other transportation professionals licensed by the DOT that makes compliance easier to manage.

Different Ways Trucking & Transportation Management Can Partner With ApneaMed

For qualifying companies, ApneaMed will provide your company with your own home sleep test units. Drivers can then use company equipment to test for sleep apnea, receive a diagnosis, and obtain treatment options at a lower cost through ApneaMed.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

For drivers that do not pass their physical exam and require testing for sleep apnea, have them fill out a referral form for an ApneaMed home sleep test. Once the form has been submitted to ApneaMed, a patient care specialist will contact the employee to schedule their home sleep test, send them the home sleep test unit, and help them through the diagnosis and treatment of their sleep apnea.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

ApneaMed provides your company with a home sleep test unit that can be used at your discretion. Allow your drivers to test at home for sleep apnea with the company’s home sleep test unit for a fast and more affordable sleep apnea diagnosis.

With the in-office partnership, your company can determine whether to absorb the costs of drivers being tested or have your drivers pay to be tested themselves.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

Transportation safety officers or management who suspects that one of their drivers has sleep apnea can order a home sleep test from ApneaMed on the patient's behalf. We will send the testing unit to the home of your driver for them to use and send back to us at ApneaMed.

From there, our board-certified sleep physicians will review the test information and contact the driver with the results. Since sleep apnea can be difficult to detect, many transportation companies are opting to test all of their drivers.

If your company is interested in providing this sleep apnea solution for CDL and DOT compliance to your truck drivers, speak with ApneaMed.

Ways Trucking & Transportation Management Benefits From Partnering With ApneaMed

Partnering with ApneaMed provides your drivers with everything they need to diagnose and treat sleep apnea so they can be more successful at work.

Sleep Apnea Brochures - To help your drivers understand the dangers of sleep apnea and how treatment can help, ApneaMed will provide your company with free informational brochures.

In-house Solutions - Rather than registering your driver for a lengthy and costly sleep study to diagnose their sleep apnea, you can provide them with a quick and easy home sleep test unit for a faster diagnosis.

DOT Compliant - The ApneaMed home sleep test unit meets or exceeds requirements by the DOT and all industry standards for diagnosing sleep apnea. The AutoPAP machine is equipped with Bluetooth to deliver usage and compliance reports to a mobile device, making it easier for drivers to show that they regularly treat their sleep apnea for their CDL renewal.

Protect Your Drivers and Company - By working with ApneaMed, you can provide your drivers with more cost-effective sleep apnea testing and treatment. When your drivers are getting the rest they need at night, they’ll be safer and more productive behind the wheel during the day.

ApneaMed Helps Trucking & Transportation Management Protect Their Drivers And Company

Traditional sleep studies are expensive and have long waiting lists. Obtain fast and cost-effective testing for sleep apnea with a home sleep test by ApneaMed instead. With faster testing and diagnosis, your drivers can be on their way to treating sleep apnea, maintaining their CDL and driving safely behind the wheel.

Learn more about partnership opportunities with ApneaMed by contacting us directly.

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