Partner Programs With ApneaMed

Partner Programs With ApneaMed

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that medical professionals and those involved in the transportation industry often encounter. Properly diagnosing sleep apnea used to require individuals to undergo a sleep study, which has long wait times and can be very expensive.

Instead of doing this, ApneaMed is proud to extend its partner program to professionals so that sleep apnea testing is faster, easier, and more affordable.

Basics Of The ApneaMed Partner Programs

There are three basic partnership models that ApneaMed

Referral partnership - You can refer patients or employees to ApneaMed. We will contact the referred person and set them up with a home sleep test unit to evaluate them for sleep apnea.

In-Office partnership - With this partnership, a white label home sleep test unit will be in your office for you to give to patients to use. You are able to decide if you will bill the recipient's insurance for the sleep apnea testing service or other billing preferences.

Mail-out partnership - As the provider, you can order a home sleep test from ApneaMed, and we will mail it to the intended recipient, who will send it back to us after it is used.

Which of these partner program is right for your clinic or company will depend on a variety of factors. Be sure to contact us to determine what program best suits the needs of your practice.

Dentist Sleep Apnea Program

The dentist sleep apnea partner program can help you expand the services you can offer at your dental clinic. Dentists often encounter patients with breathing issues during the course of their work, it makes sense to include sleep apnea testing to provide your patients with more answers. Also, as you provide more services to your dental practice, your dental clinic can gain more value.

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Truck Drivers Sleep Apnea Program

For truck drivers who need to be compliant with sleep apnea testing, our truck driver sleep apnea program is ideal. We can work directly with truck drivers to help them access sleep apnea testing as well as quality sleep apnea treatment solutions. Our tests and treatment devices are DOT-compliant so that truck drivers can remain licensed and safe.

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Trucking & Transportation Management Sleep Apnea Program

To assist in managing transportation safety factors, our trucking & transportation management sleep apnea program can help. With quick access to effective, DOT-compliant sleep apnea testing, your company can ensure the transportation staff meets safety standards. That way, your trucking or transportation business can reduce safety risks.

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Medical Examiners Sleep Apnea Program

A variety of health professionals encounter those who may potentially have sleep apnea. These professionals can benefit from our medical examiners sleep apnea program, as it provides your clinic with the ability to offer more quality services. With the addition of valuable services like sleep apnea testing, you can bring more value to your practice and build your reputation as a medical examiner.

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Medical Doctors Sleep Apnea Program

Doctors from primary care physicians to cardiologists work with those who have sleep apnea. Being part of the ApneaMed medical doctor sleep apnea program can help your patients and practice by providing your clients with fast and affordable sleep apnea testing. As sleep apnea is connected to many other health issues, it is essential for medical doctors to be able to have sleep apnea diagnosed quickly and properly. 

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If you are interested in one of our sleep apnea partner programs, feel free to contact us. Also, if you don’t see your particular field listed, you can still contact us and see if there is a potential partnership program available.

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