Pulmonologists Sleep Apnea Program

Medical professionals who operate pulmonology practices are far more likely to encounter those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea than your average general practitioner.

Yet, unless they are attached to a sleep study clinic, pulmonologists may lack the means to quickly have their patients tested. As sleep apnea can cause a great deal of health issues, it is imperative that those with this sleep disorder receive rapid diagnosis and treatment.

To make obstructive sleep apnea testing more available—and affordable—your pulmonology practice can partner with ApneaMed. We partner with pulmonologist practices and other professionals and ensure that they have the needed equipment to provide sleep apnea home tests and treatment.

Different Ways Pulmonologists Can Partner With ApneaMed

One of the main benefits of a partnership with ApneaMed is the access to our sleep apnea home sleep test units. These home sleep tests allow your patients to use the test from the comfort of their own home and then receive a diagnosis once the unit has been sent to ApneaMed for analysis.

There are three ApneaMed partnership models that you can choose for your pulmonology practice that will allow your practice and patients access to these tests.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

The most basic partnership option is the ApneaMed referral partnership. With this partnership, you can refer patients to ApneaMed by having them fill out a form and have them submit it to us.

Once the patient sends their information to ApneaMed, one of our patient care specialists will contact them and assist them in ordering a home sleep test unit as well as the rest of their sleep apnea testing process.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

With the in-office partnership, your pulmonology practice is provided with a white-label home sleep test unit that you can keep at your practice. That way, when a patient comes in and appears to be suffering from symptoms stemming from obstructive sleep apnea, you can provide them with the home sleep test.

Also, as the home sleep test will be provided through your clinic, your practice can set the billing fees and bill the patient’s insurance accordingly.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

If you prefer not to keep a home sleep test unit at your pulmonology practice, with a mail-out partnership, you can order one from ApneaMed when one of your patients requires testing for obstructive sleep apnea. We will mail the test unit to your patient directly, with instructions to send it back to ApneaMed for analysis.

Similar to the in-office partnership, your practice can set the fees and bill your patient’s insurance company to pay for the testing.

Ways Pulmonology Practices Can Benefit From Sleep Apnea Testing

A pulmonology practice like yours has several ways in which it can benefit from a partnership with ApneaMed.

Quick and accurate obstructive sleep apnea testing - Using our home sleep test is a fast and affordable way for your patients to receive sleep apnea testing. Also, our at-home sleep apnea test meets or exceeds all industry standards and is DOT-compliant.

Improve your practice's services offered - With a greater variety of services to offer, your pulmonology practice can attract more future patients and help retain them with in-house solutions.

Develop greater trust between you and your patients - As you are able to provide your patients with more service as well as answers to their medical quandaries, it can improve and grow the trust between you and your patients.

Use ApneaMed-provided informational brochures - To assist in explaining to your patients what sleep apnea is and why they need to be tested, ApneaMed can provide out partners with informational brochures.

Bring Sleep Apnea Home Testing To Your Pulmonology Practice With ApneaMed

As you can see, your pulmonology practice and its patients can significantly benefit from a partnership with ApneaMed. This benefit is especially apparent if you opt for one of the partnership models that allow you to dispense the sleep apnea home sleep test.

To discuss what partnership model would suit your pulmonology practice best, feel free to contact us to go over the options and exact parameters of the ApneaMed partnerships.