Pulmonologists Sleep Apnea Program


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Medical professionals who operate pulmonology practices are far more likely to encounter those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea than your average general practitioner.

Yet, unless they are attached to a sleep study clinic, pulmonologists may lack the means to have their patients tested quickly. Sleep apnea can cause many health issues; those with this sleep disorder must receive rapid diagnosis and treatment.

To make obstructive sleep apnea testing more available—and affordable—your pulmonology practice can partner with ApneaMed. We partner with pulmonologist practices and other professionals and ensure that they have the needed equipment to provide sleep apnea home tests and treatment.

How Pulmonologists Can Partner With ApneaMed

No pulmonology practice is like another, which is why ApneaMed offers a variety of partnerships so you can find the option best suited for you. One of the main benefits of partnering with ApneaMed is gaining access to our affordable at-home sleep apnea test units. These home sleep tests allow your patients to use the test from the comfort of their own home and then receive a diagnosis once the unit has been sent to ApneaMed for analysis.

By working with ApneaMed, your pulmonology practice can have peace of mind knowing we’ll listen to your specific needs and provide a partnership that best aligns with your goals. There are three ApneaMed partnership options that you can choose for your pulmonology practice that will allow your practice and patients access to these home sleep apnea tests.

Option 1: Referral Partnerships

If you’re looking for an essential partnership where you can begin offering sleep apnea testing to your patients, look no further than the ApneaMed referral partnership. The referral partnership option makes it easy for you to refer any patients you suspect of sleep apnea to ApneaMed. With the help of your team, the patient will fill out a form that is then sent to us.

Our team of patient care specialists works directly with the patient to assist them in ordering a home sleep test unit and the rest of their sleep apnea testing process. The referral partnership is the most hands-off partnership option for pulmonologists, allowing you to refer your patients to ApneaMed to get the testing and treatment they need.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

If the hands-off approach isn’t what you’re looking for, you may be interested in our in-office partnership. With this method, we provide your practice with a white-label home sleep test unit that you keep at your office. Using this partnership method, you can provide your patient with the sleep apnea test as soon as you suspect they are suffering from the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. After they finish testing for sleep apnea at home, your patients return the test unit to you.

This is an ideal choice for pulmonology practices that want to handle everything related to diagnosing sleep apnea from start to finish, allowing you to be the middleman and remain the main point of contact for your patient throughout the testing period.

With this partnership, ApneaMed is guided by you and works in the background to provide your patients with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Also, as the home sleep test will be provided through your clinic, your practice can set the billing fees and bill the patient’s insurance accordingly.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

For a partnership that mixes the best of each of the previously mentioned options, your pulmonology practice should consider a mail-out partnership. You may not want to store the sleep apnea test at your office. So you can rely on ApneaMed’s mail-out collaboration, where you can order it directly when a patient requires testing for obstructive sleep apnea. Our team will mail the test unit directly to your patient and instructions to send it back to ApneaMed for analysis.

Like the in-office partnership, your practice can set the fees and bill your patient’s insurance company to pay for the testing.

Pulmonology Practices Can Benefit From Sleep Apnea Testing

No matter which of ApneaMed’s partnership options makes the most sense for your pulmonology practice, you’ll find that you will experience a myriad of benefits from it.

Quick Diagnosis

One of the most significant drawbacks of a traditional sleep study is that it can take the patients months before they can get off the waitlist for an appointment. This means that their obstructive sleep apnea may remain untreated for an unknown period, wreaking havoc on their health.

Instead of having your patients potentially wait months for answers, a partnership with ApneaMed ensures you can offer your patients quick solutions concerning their potential sleep apnea.


We value each of our partners and never want them to feel like they don’t have the knowledge or resources they need when discussing sleep apnea with their patients. ApneaMed provides you with helpful resources to discuss sleep apnea with your patients, including:

  • Free patient brochures - Educate your pulmonology patients about the risks associated with sleep apnea and treatment options.
  • Sleep apnea screening tools - Use our provided screening tools to check patients you think may be dealing with sleep apnea before recommending the home test.
  • Home Sleep Test units - Send patients home with your practice’s home sleep test unit from ApneaMed.
  • Sleep test results - Using the home sleep test unit, patients can receive a legal diagnosis for their sleep apnea from an ApneaMed medical practitioner and get the treatment they need.

Service Offerings

Through a partnership with ApneaMed, pulmonologists can increase their service offerings and reach more patients. Instead of referring your patients to another medical practitioner specializing in obstructive sleep apnea testing, you can diagnose and treat your patients in-house. Providing sleep apnea testing for your patients allows you to expand your customer base by serving a more significant portion of the market and bringing in more prospective customers, and earning additional revenue from this new service. 

Bring Sleep Apnea Home Testing To Your Pulmonology Practice With ApneaMed

As you can see, your pulmonology practice and its patients can significantly benefit from a partnership with ApneaMed. This benefit is especially apparent if you opt for one of the partnership models that allow you to dispense the sleep apnea home sleep test.

With one of ApneaMed’s partnerships, pulmonologists can bring sleep apnea testing directly into their practices. By offering this kind of testing, pulmonologists can more effectively treat their patients’ respiratory issues and provide a superior array of services.

To learn more about what type of sleep apnea partner program would be best for your pulmonology practice, feel free to contact us to go over the options and exact parameters of the ApneaMed partnerships. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the partnership program for pulmonologists and how our sleep apnea testing works.