Medical Examiners Sleep Apnea Program

medical examiners sleep apnea

Untreated sleep apnea wreaks havoc on an individual’s health, resulting in heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and other fatal health conditions. Your patients must be diagnosed as soon as sleep apnea is suspected. Medical examiners play a crucial role in recognizing sleep apnea symptoms and are often an individual’s first stop for treating this common sleep disorder.

Historically, most medical examiners who suspect sleep apnea recommend that their patients undergo a traditional sleep study at a sleep lab to diagnose sleep apnea properly. However, not all patients feel comfortable visiting sleep labs or dealing with the high costs and long waitlist. Instead, your medical practice can provide your patients with an alternate sleep apnea testing option that is not only more affordable but more accessible as well.

ApneaMed partners with medical examiners to offer simple obstructive sleep apnea solutions for your patients. By partnering with ApneaMed, medical examiners can provide high-quality sleep apnea testing and treatment, and in turn, offer more comprehensive health care to patients — positively impacting your business’s bottom line.

How Medical Examiners Can Partner With ApneaMed

We understand that no medical practice operates the same way as another — that’s what makes you stand out to your patients! Depending on the needs and preferences of your practice, we offer multiple methods for partnering with ApneaMed to provide sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment to your patients.

By working with our team, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll listen to your needs and customize a partnership to align with your business goals seamlessly. This will create a relationship that is easy to manage while bringing in additional revenue to your medical practice.

Option 1: Referral Partnerships

The simplest way to partner with ApneaMed is through our referral partnerships program. If your exam discovers that your patient may be suffering from sleep apnea, you can refer your patient directly to the team at ApneaMed. The individual would fill out a referral form in your office to expedite the process, and your staff would fax it over to us. From there, our team will reach out to the patient and set them up with the necessary equipment for a sleep study.

Option 2: In-Office Partnership

You may want to consider our in-office partnership for a slightly more hands-on approach. With this partnership, you can offer sleep apnea testing and treatment through your practice. When you recommend your patient get a sleep test, our team will provide your practice with your own home sleep test unit, allowing you to test your patients for sleep apnea. This allows you to be the middleman and remain the main point of contact for your patient throughout the testing period.

Your patients will take the sleep test unit home for testing and return it to your office after they have used it. With an in-office partnership, you can set the cost of this new service offering — allowing you to customize it to your particular practice. The patient’s insurance can also be billed for the service through your office.

Option 3: Mail-Out Partnership

Another partnership option is our mail-out partnership. With this option, you handle ordering the sleep test unit for your patients by coordinating with ApneaMed. Our team will provide you with the test to deliver to your patient.

After the testing is complete, the patient returns the test in the mail to ApneaMed instead of your office, allowing us to handle the rest of the process. Our team will evaluate the results and work with the patient to treat their sleep apnea. Each medical practice will determine its own fees for the add-on service. The patient’s insurance can also be billed for the service through your office.

How Your Practice and Your Patients Will Benefit from Sleep Apnea Testing

Nearly 22 million Americans are suffering from the effects of sleep apnea. Not surprisingly, a large portion of your patients is likely included in this statistic As one of the leading medical examiners in your community, your goal is to provide your patients with unparalleled services. 

Alongside your exceptional care, ApneaMed makes it easy to provide your patients with an affordable and effective way to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Here are a few of the ways ApneaMed’s medical examiner sleep apnea program will benefit your practice.

Your practice can provide more services to the patient.

The more robust your service offering, the more likely patients are to return to your office time and again. In many cases, patients prefer to have one medical examiner for multiple reasons instead of visiting different medical offers for all of their appointments. By limiting service offerings, medical examiners alienate themselves from a large percentage of the population seeking these services from their primary medical provider.

If you’re looking for a way to grow the size of your practice or bring in additional revenue, it can be a great idea to offer your patients a way to diagnose and treat their sleep apnea. Traditional methods for diagnosing this sleep disorder in a sleep lab offer a long waitlist, a lengthy sleep study, and much higher costs for these services. Your patients will be pleased to learn about your more affordable option!

By going through ApneaMed, your patient saves a surprising amount of time and money by using our home test unit to diagnose their sleep disorder. ApneaMed also provides more affordable AutoPAP devices for treating sleep apnea.

Add to your revenue with this billable service.

While your primary goal is to maintain the health of your patients, you also have a plan to bring in as much revenue as possible — allowing your business to succeed and continue providing top-rated services to your loyal patients. While there are different methods for generating revenue, expanding your billable service offerings is an easy solution that can start bringing in money right away.

Providing sleep apnea testing for your patients not only allows you to expand your customer base by serving a larger portion of the market and bringing in more prospective customers but earn additional revenue from this new service.

ApneaMed provides the tools you need to treat your patients.

When we partner with a medical examiner, we ensure you have everything to successfully market our sleep apnea tests. ApneaMed provides you with all the necessary tools and resources so you have the confidence to discuss sleep apnea with your patient–not to mention a leg up on your competitors:

  • Free patient brochures - Educate your patients about the risks associated with sleep apnea and treatment options.
  • Sleep apnea screening tools - Use our provided screening tools to check patients you think may be dealing with sleep apnea before recommending the home test.
  • Home Sleep Test units - Send patients home with your practice’s own home sleep test unit from ApneaMed.
  • Sleep test results - Using the home sleep test unit, patients can receive a legal diagnosis for their sleep apnea from an ApneaMed medical practitioner. This allows them to purchase an AutoPAP device to treat their sleep apnea.
  • Devices - Should your patient receive a mild to moderate sleep apnea diagnosis after completing the home sleep test, ApneaMed will provide you with a physician’s recommendation for an oral appliance. If the patient is severe, AutoPAP will be recommended per industry guidelines.

As a partner of ApneaMed, we never leave you empty-handed. We value our partnerships and do everything to ensure your patients have access to the testing and treatment they need to get relief, which we can’t do without your help! Allow our team to help your patients get tested and treated for obstructive sleep apnea using our efficient and affordable at-home sleep apnea test.

ApneaMed Offers Sleep Apnea Treatment Assistance To Medical Examiners

ApneaMed strives to provide an affordable solution to people suffering from sleep apnea by partnering with top-rated medical examiners. When you partner with our team, your medical practice will have access to our home sleep tests for diagnosing sleep apnea. To learn more about our partnership program for medical examiners, please contact us.