Medical Examiners Sleep Apnea Program

Medical examiners are key to recognizing the symptoms of sleep apnea and often a patient’s first stop for treating this common sleep disorder. Traditionally, the medical examiner would recommend their patient participate in a sleep study at a sleep lab to receive a proper diagnosis of sleep apnea. Sleep labs often have long waiting lists and can be very expensive.

ApneaMed partners with medical examiners to offer simple obstructive sleep apnea solutions for your patients. By partnering with ApneaMed, medical examiners can provide testing and treatment for sleep apnea, and in turn, offer more comprehensive health care to patients.

Different Ways Medical Examiners Can Partner With ApneaMed

Depending on the needs and preferences of your practice, we offer multiple methods for partnering with ApneaMed to provide sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment to your patients.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

When a medical professional suspects their patient is suffering from sleep apnea, they will have that patient fill out a referral form in their office. The form is sent to ApneaMed. An ApneaMed patient specialist will then contact the patient directly to set up their home sleep test for diagnosing sleep apnea.

Option 2: In-office Partnership

ApneaMed provides your practice with your own home sleep test unit. As an additional medical service, you can provide your patients with sleep apnea testing. The patient uses the home sleep test they’ve obtained from your office and returns it once the testing is complete. Medical examiners can determine their own fees for the service. The patient’s insurance can also be billed for the service through your office.

Option 3: Mail-out Partnership

Medical examiners who suspect their patient may have sleep apnea can order a home sleep test from ApneaMed for the patient. ApneaMed sends the home sleep test unit to the patient who then completes the home sleep test. At this point, the patient will return the home sleep test unit to ApneaMed. ApneaMed sleep physicians will contact the patient with the results of their test and discuss treatment options. Medical examiners can determine their own fees for the service. The patient’s insurance can also be billed for the service through your office.

Your Practice and Patients Will Benefit From Home Sleep Testing

Nearly 22 million Americans are suffering from the effects of sleep apnea. A large portion of your patients is likely included in this statistic. Providing your patients with a way to easily diagnose and treat sleep apnea benefits your practice as well as the patient. For the healthcare professionals who choose to partner with ApneaMed, your practice can enjoy a variety of benefits, such as:

Informational Brochures - Medical examiners partnered with ApneaMed can receive free patient informational brochures. These brochures can assist you in familiarizing your patients with obstructive sleep apnea and how they can be tested for the sleep disorder.

In-office Solutions - Qualified practices can receive a Home Sleep Test unit for quickly diagnosing patients with sleep apnea.

Sleep Disorder Diagnosis - You will receive the results from our sleep physician. That way, you can directly provide your patients with the results of their sleep apnea test.  

Grow Your Practice - By offering your patients more healthcare solutions, you better establish yourself as a medical examiner they can rely on. Reach more patients looking for answers to their health concerns by creating more trust with the patients you already have.

Partner With ApneaMed To Provide Sleep Apnea Solutions For Your Patients

Patients across the United States are turning to home sleep test units for diagnosing sleep apnea. ApneaMed provides a faster and more cost-effective way for your patients to receive the testing they need to reach a proper diagnosis for this common sleep disorder that so many people are unknowingly suffering from. Once your patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, turn them to the ApneaMed AutoPAP for more comfortable treatment of their sleep apnea. For more information as to what ApneaMed can do for your patients, please contact us.