Neurologists Sleep Apnea Program

Neurologists often play a key role in identifying central sleep apnea, as this type of sleep apnea is centered on issues in the brain. However, neurologists will also see patients who don’t have signs of neurological disorders but are potentially struggling with obstructive sleep apnea.

Rather than refer these patients out to a sleep study facility which can be both expensive and take significant time to get into, neurologists can partner with ApneaMed to provide patients with fast and affordable sleep apnea testing.

Different Ways Neurologists Can Partner With ApneaMed

ApneaMed looks to provide our neurologists' partners with a variety of partnership options to choose from.

Option 1: Referral Partnership

When you have a patient presenting signs of obstructive sleep apnea, you can refer them to ApneaMed with a form to fill out and send to us. When we receive the information, a patient care specialist from ApneaMed will contact the patient and assist them in ordering a sleep apnea home sleep test.

Once the testing is complete, and the patient mails the test unit back to us, our board-certified sleep physician will analyze the data and contact the patient with the results.

Option 2: In-office Partnership

To bring sleep apnea testing to your neurology practice, you can opt into the ApneaMed in-office partnership. With this partnership model, you will have the ability to provide a white-label home sleep test unit to patients who need testing done, all from the immediate convenience from your practice.

That way, your patients can take the home sleep test unit home, and you can determine the fees to use the test, as well as bill the patient’s insurance company.

Option 3: Mail-out Partnership

Neurologists can also choose the ApneaMed mail-out partnership, which allows you to order a home sleep test unit for your patient. We will mail the test unit directly to the home of your patient with instructions of what to do and how to mail the sleep apnea home sleep test back to ApneaMed.

As with the in-office partnership, neurologists are able to determine the fees for the sleep apnea testing and bill the patient’s insurance provider.

Ways Your Practice Can Benefit With An ApneaMed Partnership

With multiple ways to partner with ApneaMed, there are already some clear benefits available through the partnership. Other benefits your neurology practice can enjoy are:

In-office brochures - To help your patients have a greater understanding of sleep apnea and why testing is important for their overall health, information is critical. That’s why ApneaMed will provide your neurology practice with brochures to provide them with easily accessible information.

Fast sleep apnea testing - Sleep apnea testing through a sleep study lab can take weeks, if not months of waiting to get in for testing. Instead of doing this, your practice can provide your patients with fast sleep apnea testing, especially if you have an in-office partnership with ApneaMed.

Grow your neurology practice - With a greater number of services, your neurology practice can benefit by being able to reach more patients who need the specialized services of sleep apnea testing.

Provide sleep apnea answers - Our sleep physician will provide you with the results of your patient’s sleep apnea home test. As you consult with your patients concerning their results, they can build up confidence in you and your practice as you provide the answers they need.

Add Sleep Apnea Solutions To Your Neurology Practice With ApneaMed

As you can see, there are many clear benefits to partnering your neurology practice with ApneaMed. Also, as more Americans tend to have high calorie diets as well as sedentary work and lifestyle habits, it is far more likely that your practice will see more and more people who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

By being able to provide them with solutions quickly within your neurology practice, you will be able to assist more patients than before. To discuss your practice’s specific partnership with ApneaMed, please contact us today.