Neurologists Sleep Apnea Program

neurologist sleep apnea

Neurologists often play a crucial role in identifying central sleep apnea, as this type of sleep apnea is centered on issues in the brain. However, neurologists will also see patients who don’t have signs of neurological disorders but potentially struggle with obstructive sleep apnea. Because untreated sleep apnea increases the risk of various health issues, it is vital that patients get diagnosed and treated right away. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to serious health complications such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, obesity, etc.

As a neurologist, if you suspect your patient is suffering from sleep apnea, you may currently refer them to a traditional sleep lap to undergo a sleep apnea test. However, sleep study facilities can be expensive and take time to get into. Another option is that neurologists can partner with ApneaMed to provide patients with fast and affordable sleep apnea testing.

ApneaMed partners with neurologists to ensure that your practice has the needed equipment to provide sleep apnea home tests and treatment. Follow along to learn more about how our partnerships can benefit your neurology practice.

Different Ways Neurologists Can Partner With ApneaMed

Depending on the needs of our neurology practice, ApneaMed offers three different partnership options — allowing you to select the one that aligns best with your needs. Take a look at the variety of partnership options our neurologist partners can choose from.

Option 1: Referral Partnerships

If you suspect your neurology patient has sleep apnea, you can have them fill out a form while in your office and send it to our team. From there, ApneaMed will review their information, reach out to the patient directly, and assist them in ordering a sleep apnea home sleep test. With our referral partnership, you can help your patients get the testing they need without any heavy lifting on your team’s part.

Once the patient has completed their sleep apnea test in the comfort of their own home, they will mail the test back to ApneaMed. Our board-certified sleep physician will analyze the data and contact the patient with the results, providing them with a recommended sleep apnea treatment plan.

Option 2: In-office Partnership

Instead of referring your neurology patients out to ApneaMed, our in-office partnerships allows you to bring sleep apnea testing to your neurology practice. With this partnership model, you will have the ability to provide a white-label home sleep test unit to patients who need testing done, all from the immediate convenience of your practice.

If your exam uncovers that your patient may have sleep apnea, you can send them home from their appointment with the home sleep test unit home. After they finish testing for sleep apnea from the convenience of their own home, they will return the test unit to you.

This is ideal for neurology practices that want to handle everything related to diagnosing sleep apnea from start to finish, allowing you to be the main point of contact for your patient throughout the testing period. This partnership method enables you to determine the fees to use the test and bill the patient’s insurance company.

Option 3: Mail-out Partnership

ApneaMed’s third option for neurology practices is our mail-out partnership, which allows you to order a home sleep test unit for your patient. If you suspect a patient has sleep apnea, your team will order the test from ApneaMed. Our team will mail the test unit directly to your patient's home with instructions on what to do and how to ship the sleep apnea home sleep test back to ApneaMed. This is the ideal choice for practices that don’t want to store white-labeled sleep apnea tests in their office.

As with the in-office partnership, neurologists can determine the fees for the sleep apnea testing and bill the patient’s insurance provider.

How Your Neurology Practice Can Benefit from an ApneaMed Partnership

With multiple ways to partner with ApneaMed, some clear benefits are already available through the partnership. Other benefits your neurology practice can enjoy are:

Quick Diagnosis

When you suspect a patient has untreated sleep apnea, they must get tested right away to get the treatment they need. Unfortunately, referring them to a traditional sleep lab may leave the patient waiting months before getting an appointment. This means that their obstructive sleep apnea may remain untreated for an extended period, increasing their risk of further health complications.

Instead of having your patients potentially wait months for answers, a partnership with ApneaMed allows you to get your patients the testing and treatment they need to relieve their potential sleep apnea.


At ApneaMed, we take our partnerships seriously. We never want you to feel like you don’t have the knowledge or resources to support your patients accurately throughout the sleep apnea testing process. Our team provides you with helpful resources to discuss sleep apnea with your patients, including:

  • Free patient brochures - ApneaMed will provide your neurology practice with brochures to provide them with easily accessible information.
  • Sleep apnea screening tools - Use our provided screening tools to check patients you think may be dealing with sleep apnea before recommending the home test.
  • Home sleep test units - Send patients home with your practice’s home sleep test unit from ApneaMed.
  • Sleep test results - Our sleep physician will provide you with your patient’s sleep apnea home test results. As you consult with your patients concerning their results, they can build up confidence in you and your practice as you provide the answers they need.

Our team will work directly with your neurology practice to provide you with the tools and resources needed to effectively market this new service offering.

Service Offerings

Building a partnership with ApneaMed enables your neurology practice to expand its service offerings. This means that you will be able to create a stronger bond with your existing neurology patients instead of referring them out to another medical practitioner specializing in sleep apnea testing. Rather, you will be able to guide them through the process and help them get the diagnosis and treatment they need. Testing for sleep apnea increases client retention, and it will expand your potential customer base by serving a larger portion of the market, allowing you to earn additional revenue. 

These are only a few of the many benefits your neurology practice will experience when partnering with the team at ApneaMed for sleep apnea testing.

Add Sleep Apnea Solutions To Your Neurology Practice With ApneaMed

As you can see, there are many clear benefits to partnering your neurology practice with ApneaMed. Also, as more Americans tend to have high-calorie diets and sedentary work and lifestyle habits, it is far more likely that your practice will see more people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

With one of ApneaMed’s partnerships, neurologists can bring sleep apnea testing directly into their practices. By offering this kind of testing, neurologists can more effectively treat their patients and provide a superior array of services.

By providing them with solutions quickly within your neurology practice, you will be able to assist more patients than before. Please contact us today to discuss your practice’s specific partnership with ApneaMed.