Step 1:  Order a Home Sleep Test

The first step is to determine if you have sleep apnea.  This is done with a home sleep test (HST).  Once you have ordered your home sleep test, we will send you the HST unit in the mail, with detailed instructions on how to use it.  The HST will record certain bioelectric parameters while you sleep, including airflow, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and respiratory effort.  This test is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for diagnosing sleep apnea.


Step 2:  Review Our Physician's Interpretation and Treatment Recommendations

The data recorded by the device is analyzed by one of our board certified sleep physicians, who is then able to determine whether or not you have sleep apnea.  If sleep apnea is diagnosed, our physicians will make recommendations for treatment.  If these recommendations include Positive Airway Pressure (PAP), you will receive a coupon code for $100 off an AutoPAP machine on our website.


Step 3:  Order Your AutoPAP Machine, Hose, and Mask

If sleep apnea is diagnosed and AutoPAP is recommended, you can use your coupon code on our website to receive $100 off an AutoPAP machine, mask, and hose.  AutoPAP is the latest in PAP technology, and is considered superior to CPAP in that it automatically detects upper airway obstructions and adjusts the pressure accordingly. Sleep apnea sufferers will often need higher pressures while sleeping on their back, or during certain sleep stages. AutoPAP allows the patient to be adequately treated during these times, and receive greater comfort with lower pressures at other times. Our AutoPAP machines include an attached heated humidifier for greater comfort, and compliance tracking with Bluetooth technology for data uploads. This device is approved by the DOT for treating obstructive sleep apnea.


Step 4:  Track Your Compliance and Order Replacement Supplies As Needed

Periodically, your mask and hose will need to be replaced.  ApneaMed offers discounted supply replacements for their patients once every six months.  You will receive email notifications when new supplies are needed. Additionally, if you ever have problems with your machine or mask, or your treatment does not feel as effective as it once did, we will help you review the compliance data from your machine to determine where the problem lies and how to best correct it. Truck drivers and pilots are able to review their data and print compliance reports for the DOT.