What Equipment is Included in Your Home Sleep Study Kit

As you consider using a home sleep test from ApneaMed to test yourself, your patients, or your employees for sleep apnea, knowing what equipment you will need to use can help you feel comfortable placing your order for one of our test kits.

To help you feel more confident in this faster, more convenient form of sleep apnea testing, we will review our home sleep study kit, how to use it, and other factors to help you make an informed decision concerning your health or the health of those you are working with.

Sleep Apnea Home Sleep Study Kit Equipment

For those who need sleep apnea testing, there is no need to go to a sleep study facility when our home sleep apnea test is available. Our sleep apnea home sleep study kit comes with four easy parts along with the case which contains all the parts.

Sleep data monitor

The main feature of the sleep study kit is the portable sleep data monitor. This monitor will collect and store information on your breathing patterns, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory effort, and heart rate rhythms. With this bioelectric data, our board-certified sleep physician will be able to determine whether you are suffering from sleep apnea.

Nasal cannula

To capture information on your breathing pattern and respiratory effort, you will be provided with a nasal cannula. This item looks like a loop of tubing with one end which is plugged into the sleep monitor and two small tubes opposite which are placed in your nose.

Heart rate finger sensor

A pulse oximeter probe—also called a heart rate fingertip sensor—is used to track your heart rhythms and blood oxygen saturation. This piece of equipment also plugs into the sleep data monitor.

Adjustable chest strap

Keeping the sleep monitor in place is that last piece of your home sleep test kit, the adjustable chest strap. This chest strap is elastic as well as adjustable, so it should be able to fit most people around the chest. The chest strap records respiratory effort, or your attempts to breathe.  This helps us distinguish between obstructive and central respiratory events.

How To Use The Home Sleep Study Unit

When it comes to using your home sleep study unit from ApneaMed, the process is fairly simple since it is an at-home test.

First, you will want to get ready for bed, completing all your nightly tasks like teeth brushing and changing into pajamas. After you are ready to settle in and go to sleep for the night, take out the home sleep study kit.

Take out the adjustable chest strap and adjust it to the appropriate fitting. Once you have approximated the fit, connect the sleep data monitor to the chest strap so that the nasal cannula metal connection is directed up toward your face.

You may want to make a few more adjustments to the chest strap to ensure the sleep data monitor is secure and will not shift during the night. There will be an icon which will flash yellow if more adjustments are needed or turn green when tight enough.

Next, plug in the nasal cannula to the top of the sleep data monitor. From there, place the loops of the nasal cannula tubing behind your ears and position the nasal opening into your nose. Tighten the loop using the slider. Once positioned, the sleep monitor will show a green icon with the nasal cannula on that indicates you can now tape the tubing to your cheeks.

Lastly, place the heart rate sensor on your fingertip, with the wire running along the back of your hand. A green icon will appear to indicate it has been completed properly, and you can tape the wire to the back of your hand and settle down to sleep.

After a few minutes of recording, the unit’s indicator lights will turn off so they don’t bother you while you’re trying to sleep.

Don’t worry, the unit is still powered on and recording during this time. The recording starts when you plug in the chest strap and stops when the chest strap is unplugged in the morning.  If you need to get up to use the restroom during the night, leave the chest strap plugged in and feel free to unplug any other sensors that you would like.

When you order the ApneaMed home sleep test unit, you will be provided with written directions, so don’t worry that this post is the only place you will find them.

Why Choose The ApneaMed Home Sleep Study For Your Sleep Apnea Testing

There are plenty of reasons to choose to be tested for sleep apnea with our home sleep study kit, rather than going to a sleep study lab.

  • Ordering our sleep study home kit is easy, fast, and affordable.
  • Using it to have your sleep apnea diagnosed is approved by sleep industry organizations and the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • ApneaMed's home sleep test meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • Take your sleep apnea test in more comfort, as it can be done unassisted in your own home.  

If you have specific concerns and would like to discuss them with one of our patient care specialists, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our home sleep study kits and can help you order your sleep apnea home sleep study.

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