Can You Do a Sleep Study at Home?

Can You Do a Sleep Study at Home?

In short, yes. An at home sleep study is a great option available to those who may be suspicious that the sleep they’re getting is not optimal or who suspect that they may be suffering from sleep apnea. The more conventional in-lab sleep studies are known to be pricey, awkward, and generally uncomfortable. If you believe that you are currently suffering from sleep apnea, a home sleep test is a great option to get some real answers.

At-Home Sleep Tests Are:


While in-lab sleep tests are more detailed and look for other sleep disorders that are more challenging to diagnose, the cost can be a big deterrent, especially for those who exhibit clear signs of sleep apnea. Home sleep tests are known to be roughly one-third to one-fifth the cost of traditional sleep studies, even with insurance. Choosing to take a home sleep test can get you the diagnosis you need to sleep better without having to spend so much money.

Convenient and More Comfortable

Those undergoing a traditional sleep study are in for one pretty uncomfortable night--possibly two if clinicians don’t get all the data they need. Dozens of electrodes and wires get attached to the participant and it can make for a frustrating experience, especially if you are fairly certain of your condition beforehand. The at-home sleep study is a simple monitor you wear for one night that tracks your breathing and provides accurate data to help diagnose apnea events throughout the night. You sleep in your own bed and control your surroundings, making for a much more positive experience.

Quick and Reliable

Traditionally, in-lab sleep studies can take weeks to months to get back with your sleep study results. The sheer number of phenomena the study reports back on can delay your results and increase the time it takes for you to get a CPAP or other device prescription. In the time it takes others to simply hear back, you can order, receive, use, send back, and get results that have been interpreted by a board-certified sleep specialist. You can feel confident in your results and start treating your sleep apnea sooner with an at-home sleep test.

For those looking to confirm or dispel their sleep apnea concerns, an at-home sleep test is a great option that gets you the answers you need without putting strain on your mind and your wallet. However, if you believe you may be suffering from a different sleep disorder (e.g. insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome), an in-lab test might be your best option. If you aren’t sure, consider looking into both options to see whether an at-home or in-lab test will fit your needs the best.

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