The Tech Behind Simple Sleep Tests: WatchPAT ONE

The Tech Behind Simple Sleep Tests: WatchPAT ONE

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When you first start researching obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it all. Do you need to go see a doctor? How do you even get a sleep study? Why do you have to go to a lab and spend the night? We know there are probably a million questions floating through your head about your condition, so we want to make the sleep testing process as easy and worry-free as possible! 

Because of this goal, ApneaMed offers home sleep testing patients a chance to use the WatchPAT ONE sleep testing system. A fully disposable sleep testing unit that will transmit your information without needing to pack and ship it back. 

Who Qualifies for a Home Sleep Test?

Home sleep studies are good options if you’re fairly certain you may be suffering from sleep apnea. If you, or a loved one, have noticed several OSA symptoms, then you’re likely already a great candidate for a home sleep test. Lab testing is also an effective option, but can be significantly more expensive (not to mention a bit awkward and uncomfortable). If you believe you may be suffering from OSA, a home sleep test could be your best shot at fast answers. They are more cost-effective, much more convenient and comfortable--not to mention you get results much quicker than conventional in-lab sleep testing. 

At-home sleep testing is an excellent option for those who may not be able to afford or offset the cost of an expensive lab study. But, if you might possibly be at risk for other, more severe sleep disorders, a lab study could be a much better option. You may need to talk through with a doctor or home sleep study provider, like ApneaMed, to decide which type of test would be best for you. 

What Does a Home Sleep Test Look Like?

There are many providers of home sleep tests, but it’s imperative that you find a provider that is reliable, can get your testing equipment to you safely, and get your results interpreted correctly. 

Enter ApneaMed. 

ApneaMed has started offering their home sleep testing patients a new kind of testing unit called the WatchPAT ONE home sleep test. Before this innovative new unit, home sleep tests were reusable, had to be mailed out to users, worn throughout an entire night of sleep, mailed back, cleaned, sanitized, and prepped for the next patient. Thankfully, that’s no longer your only option! 

The WatchPAT ONE is the first fully disposable sleep apnea home testing unit. You wear it according to the instructions for one night of sleep while syncing the unit to an app on your phone. The app tracks your sleep data and transmits it to your HST provider after your test night is complete. Since the data is already stored and sent to your provider, you simply have to dispose of the unit in your home--no complex reshipping necessary! 

Especially as we all cope with a worldwide pandemic, staying healthy and protected is paramount! Because the unite is fully disposable and not used from patient to patient, the WatchPAT ONE runs virtually zero risk of transmitting bacteria from one user to the next. This way, you get the answers and treatment you need without putting yourself at unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other viral infections.

Because of the disposable nature of the WatchPAT ONE, you can rest assured that no one has used your testing unit before you. This means that you have no risks of infections or any germ transmission between you and any other patient (including those who use it after you!). 

How Can a Disposable Sleep Test Unit Give Accurate Results?

Because your WatchPAT ONE syncs directly to an app on your smartphone, your testing data is stored and sent to your sleep testing provider. But not all sleep testing providers are created equal. You need to carefully research your provider to make sure you’re getting a quality diagnosis. ApneaMed includes data analysis as part of every home sleep testing process. 

While all this tech is pretty mind-boggling, you need to make sure it’s going to get you a clear answer so your OSA questions. After the WatchPAT ONE unit collects data, it’s sent to ApneaMed where it can be thoroughly reviewed by a board-certified sleep physician. They will analyze all the information gathered from your sleep study and get you a clear diagnosis. Not only that, but, if you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, they will send your personalized CPAP or AutoPAP settings to the customer service team so you know that you’re getting the perfect care for your OSA severity. 

How to Start?

The first step is always to talk to our customer care representatives to see if you qualify for home sleep apnea testing. There are many factors that can lead to an OSA diagnosis, so it’s crucial that you are honest and open when answering questions about yourself and your background. 

If you qualify for HST, great! You’re taking the first real step towards better sleep with OSA treatments. Going with ApneaMed not only gives you access to the innovative WatchPAT ONE sleep testing unit, it gives you access to a group of medical professionals who will help you throughout the testing process. 

Sleep is an imperative part of your overall health and well-being, so don’t spend one more night getting anything less than the quality, restorative sleep you deserve.

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