Can Sleep Apnea Testing Be Required By Employers?

Can Sleep Apnea Testing Be Required By Employers?

WillIf you suspect you have sleep apnea, you may be wondering if employers can require their employees to undergo sleep apnea testing. The short answer is yes — but most careers won’t require their employees to do so. Only specific industries, such as trucking, need their employees to get tested for sleep apnea.

Commercial truck drivers must undergo a DOT physical exam before receiving the all-clear to hit the open road. This physical is required every two years to ensure the driver is healthy and can operate a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 lbs. Although the DOT physical doesn’t always include sleep apnea testing, if the medical examiner has reason to believe the driver may have a sleeping disorder, they will be required to get one.

Follow along as ApneaMed explores the laws surrounding sleep apnea testing in the workplace and shares how truck drivers can easily access at-home sleep apnea testing.

BMI-Mandated Sleep Apnea Testing for Truckers

A Federal Court has ruled that trucking companies can require their drivers to take a sleep apnea test based on the employee’s BMI. If the driver has a BMI higher than 35, they will be required to undergo a sleep apnea study. 

Although the trucking industry is one of the few industries that require sleep apnea testing (and treatment) for employees, sleep apnea testing can be beneficial across nearly all industries as it can provide the following benefits:

  • Fewer workplace accidents
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sick days

Even if a truck driver has a BMI lower than 35, trucking companies may want to include sleep apnea testing as part of their required physical to ensure the utmost safety from their employees.

How Truck Drivers Can Test for Sleep Apnea at Home

If it’s determined that the commercial truck driver needs to undergo a sleep apnea test, they can do this at home with a home sleep study from ApneaMed. With this at-home method, the driver will receive the home sleep test and instructions for administering an overnight unattended test to undergo the test at their convenience.

While sleeping in the comfort of their own bed, the device will track their heart rate, breathing rate, and blood oxygen levels. It will also record how often their body moves during their sleep. Once the self-administered home sleep test is complete, the results will then be analyzed by one of ApneaMed’s board-certified sleep physicians.

The physician will determine if the driver has sleep apnea — and if they do, the severity of their sleep apnea. If a truck driver has moderate to severe sleep apnea, they could be disqualified for the role. In most cases, the physician will provide a recommended treatment such as a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) that will enable the driver to get the quality sleep they need to operate at their best when behind the wheel. 

ApneaMed Provides CPAP Therapy Equipment for Truck Drivers

If CPAP therapy is the recommended treatment, the driver can get the equipment they need from ApneaMed. ApneaMed offers AutoPAP machines that work similarly to CPAP, but the device can readjust pressure as required. The APAP machine will keep the driver’s airways open while they sleep by providing self-adjusted air pressure throughout the night — allowing them to get a deeper, more sound sleep.

Contact our team to learn more if you have any questions about ApneaMeds’ at-home sleep apnea test or our sleep apnea treatment equipment.

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