How to Stay Productive With Sleep Apnea in the Workplace

How to Stay Productive With Sleep Apnea in the Workplace

It’s easy to stay up tinkering on our cellphones into the wee hours of the night. However, your late-night shenanigans might not be the only thing that’s making you feel tired and unrested during the day. Even with the recommended hours of sleep, sleep apnea can cause an individual to feel sluggish and fatigued. Over time, a constant feeling of unrest can take a toll on a person’s ability to function at their best during the day, wreaking havoc on both their personal and professional lives.

The lack of quality sleep can lead to a lack of productivity and impact their overall performance at work — and in some cases may even cause deadly mistakes. Follow along as ApneaMed explores how poor sleep can result in poor job performance and how those with sleep apnea can stay productive in the workplace.

How Poor Sleep Causes Poor Job Performance

If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, it can impact your performance at work in several ways. 


The less sleep you receive, the less productive you’re going to be throughout the day. Think about your car. When it doesn’t have enough gas or oil, it will not function at peak performance. It requires regular maintenance to keep running at its best. 

Like your car, your body needs “maintenance,” and in this case sleep, to operate at its best. When you don’t receive enough sleep at night, you may find yourself having a hard time concentrating in meetings or specific tasks, which can cause you to fall behind on your to-do list. You may even find yourself forgetting important information or deadlines!

Mental Health

Getting enough sleep can help you have a more positive outlook when going about your day. We all know what it means to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and if you aren’t getting enough shut-eye each night, you’re more likely to be irritable or cranky. 

While you may be able to hide your sour mood, there is a good chance that it leaks into your workplace. If you’re feeling on edge or grumpy, you’re more likely to snap at someone or respond passive-aggressively (which won’t shine a great light on you!).


There’s nothing more frustrating than using your time off when you’re forced to take time off for a cold. Without the recommended amount of sleep each night, your immune system may not be protecting you as much as it should — leaving you more susceptible to getting sick if you’re exposed to sickness or germs!

Not only that, but if you do catch a virus, your body will have a more difficult time fighting it off if it isn’t well rested, causing you to take more time off work and fall even further behind on your to-do list.

Improve Your Sleep with AutoPAP

If you’re feeling tired and worn down during the day, there might be an underlying condition impacting your sleep. Don’t let your sleep apnea cause you to perform below average in the workplace. Instead, schedule a sleep apnea test at your earliest convenience.

By self-administering a home sleep study, a professional sleep specialist can examine your results and determine if you have sleep apnea. If so, they can work with you to provide the ideal treatment option to ensure you get a good night’s sleep — helping you stay productive in the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to take a home sleep apnea test or purchase the breathing machine you need, ApneaMed can help you improve your sleep and increase your job performance.

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